Bricilia Rageshadow

Of all the Elves, Queen Bricilia Rageshadow was born with an unnaturally powerful connection to her Fey ancestors. She has heard their voices in the back of her mind for her entire life and she has allowed those voices to guide her. The fey are unhappy with what has happened to their land. They see the humans spreading war and destruction and they want the land to return to the Elves, where it belongs.

Bricilia began preparing herself for King Alexander Cornelius V’s death nearly a century ago. First she married the human liaison to the elves. He was easily entranced by her intelligence and otherworldly beauty. With this, she was allowed to meet the king, only a young boy at the time. He too was captivated by her, and soon grew to trust her. That’s how she was able to slip a few drops of thyracine into his wine. This ancient herb ensured that the king would give no heir. Thus the Cornelius line was eliminated.

Bricilia then waited patiently. Her husband died first, and she wore the mourning veil to hide the smile on her lips. She took his position as liaison to the King, gaining more power and influence. The short-lived humans trust her and look at her in a sort of reverence. The unaging elf queen, wise and beautiful. They do not even suspect that she manipulates the entire kingdom, playing them against each other like pawns.

Finally, all her patience has paid off. The king is dead and she is the most respected elf in the region. She will not need to take the kingdom by force, but convince the humans to hand the kingdom over to her willingly. Then she can begin returning the land to the Elves, as the Fey wish.