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Select a card and choose to debate for side A or side B.  Instructions at the bottom of the cards let you know which player will debate the other side.  Each player has about 30 seconds to present their case.  The other players at the table will then use their Vote cards to submit their choice, face down.  Once all votes are in, the cards are revealed and the winner is determined.

Debates are drawn from a wide selection of categories, including Comics, Current Events, Games, Movies, Music, TV, Moral or Philosophical issues, and much more.

This is a fun, easy game for anyone with an opinion about anything!

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We have all had those never-ending debates among our friends: Which player is the best? What political party is really causing all the issues?  Which Superhero would win in a fight? Is that one band musically legit or completely overrated? 
You may have had a few laughs and some interesting discussions, but too often you have just agreed to disagree.  Now is the time to test your powers of persuasion and to resolve these issues once and for all!  Now is the time to see who can win
The Great Debate.

The Great Debate

Party Game for 3 or More!