Lady Anyu Maxwell

The original Lord Maxwell was born a slave and bought at a young age by the Raven’s Wing mercenaries, whose soldiers are renowned for being the best trained and the most loyal. He trained on the battlefield, miraculously surviving battle after battle and gaining more experience and skill with every kill. The most talented and disciplined soldier the Raven’s Wing had seen in years, Maxwell inspired the loyalty of his fellow mercenaries and, shortly before the Auspex War began, became captain of the mercenary team.

When Darym seemed to be falling behind in the war, the king hired Raven’s Wing for an exorbitant amount of money to work with the Darym military and help turn the tide. Maxwell led his small mercenary band against the monsters of the Northern wasteland, winning each skirmish against superior forces. Years later, when the war ended, Maxwell was hailed as a hero and granted lordship of a small region on the outskirts of the kingdom. He was not accustomed to titles and land, but it was something he grew fond of. He changed his raven banner to that of a phoenix, to represent his rebirth as a noble lord.  

His daughter was there at his side as he was learning the ropes of nobility and leadership.  She was the cooler head and a better knack for people then he did as he was use to truly a command structure. With her insight he was becoming more loved by the people. She learned swordsmanship from the mercenaries and strategy by attending his captain meetings.  

Although initially pleased with his reward, he began to grow dissatisfied with his place in the empire. He led an army through the mountains, cutting a path between his holdings and Castille, shortening travel time along the trade routes by two months that was suggested by his daughter.   With this, his influence spread, gaining more followers through his natural charisma and experience. He has quickly risen to become one of the most powerful people in the kingdom thanks to his daughter.  She began to take over duties of taxation and collection.  Riding with the taxmen and seeing the people.  Her word was an extension of his.  She was known to be fair but just.

Upon hearing of the king’s death, Lord Maxwell was on a campaign down south.  Anyu is in charge and she envisions the phoenix banner rising above the towers of Alexandria. She has the loyalty of a large group of well-trained soldiers behind her as well. She feels that her nearly single-handedly defended the kingdom during the Wars, and now she must do so again, or a lesser man may become king.  For when her father comes back she will have a health reward for him.