"Lord" Angus Thraxon

Aaron Thraxon is the self-proclaimed Lord of the bandit kingdoms - a chaotic mess of violence and debauchery in the southwestern swamp region. Despite the fact that he has never formally been granted lordship, the kingdom has given up trying to quash this bandit uprising. If the other nobles were to work together, they could easily attack his swamps and put him to the sword, but Thraxon knows that this will never happen. They 
are too busy with their titles and politics to organize against him. 

Thraxon is a huge man, all muscles and hair. He rules by might, with any threat to his power soon being challenged to public combat and quickly eliminated upon Thraxon’s axeblade. The people in his kingdom are fearful of him, but also thankful for their freedoms and his protection. Many of them are wanted criminals who would be imprisoned or executed were they to be captured in the other regions. He commands a loyalty in these men that other Lords can only dream of. They would die for him, because they know that if they do not, they will be killed by him instead. 

With the King dead, Thraxon looks at the other successors and finds them all to be old, weak, or incapable. The kingdom has ignored Thraxon for far too long, allowing him the time to gather troops and resources. For many years his kingdom has been growing rapidly, preparing to take what should be his. The throne seems to be completely undefended, only guarded by policy and flowery language. What will these nobles do with him as their king, he wonders? He can’t wait to see them bow at his feet.