High Lord Esteban

High Lord Esteban was an adventurer many years ago, traveling the region, venturing into lost crypts and ancient caverns with the rest of his adventuring party. It was quite a lucrative career, for despite the death of every other member of his party on an unfortunate expedition, he somehow escaped with a fortune in gold and jewels. Afterward, by making friends with the right people and greasing the right palms, he quickly became a power in the region and gained control of the city of Castille. Since then, he has developed it into the biggest trade city in Darym.

He is called the fox, for he seems to always have a way of getting out of dangerous situations and has developed a reputation for never losing a gamble. He seems to be able to turn any situation to his benefit, making what seems like a risky endeavor a near-guaranteed success. He is a very shrewd negotiator and businessman as well. It’s well known that if Lord Esteban gives a person a copper piece, he’s expecting a gold in return.

Lord Esteban is known for sponsoring young adventurers and sending them on various excursions to bring himself more money and power. These gambles have more often than not paid off, making him the wealthiest person in Darym, and possibly the most influential as well. He has a court of sycophants ready to do his bidding at a moment’s notice, though he sometimes finds it hard to tell if they are loyal to him, or to the gold in his vaults.

King Alexander Cornelius V was arguably the only person more powerful than Lord Esteban in Darym. With the king gone, Esteban sees this as an opportunity to expand his influence even further. What Darym needs is a resourceful, clever, and very very rich man on the throne. Who better than High Lord Esteban?