Lord Pendleton

Lord Pendleton takes great pride in being able to trace his lineage back through the centuries all the way to the great Titus Pendleton - the man who saved the Prince and only heir at the time from being killed by bandits. Titus was granted knighthood and a small holding that has grown larger and more powerful with each generation. The Pendleton family has been around longer than any family in the region. It is a name that once commanded great respect, but the last few decades have not been kind.

During the Auspex Wars, the Pendleton’s holdings, which lie on the border of the northern wasteland, took the most damage. The creatures from the wasteland razed villages and trampled crops. Lord Pendleton was forced to sell off the city of Myrcela to the Church of Everyn in order to fund the war efforts. He blames the other noble families for the destruction that his lands suffered during this time. They took far too long squabbling among themselves before finally coming to his aid. Their hesitance seemed almost intentional, as if they wanted to see the great Pendleton family fall.

With the war finally over, Pendleton’s holdings have recovered and rebuilt. Lord Pendleton has focused all his efforts on reclaiming the glory that the Pendleton name has lost. He marched an army into Myrcela, taking the city back from the Church of Everyn - not through repayment, but by force. He plans to take the crown the same way, and woe become anyone who stands in his way.

His family is the most pure, the most noble, and the most worthy. Lord Pendleton knows in his heart that he has more right to the crown than any of the other false successors. With the king dead, the time has come for a Pendleton to sit upon the throne.