Lady Venthrax

Victoria Ventrax began her life working in the farmlands outside of Alexandria. Sewing and cooking could never keep her interest. Instead, she taught herself swordplay by watching the town guards through the barred gate of the barracks. She would practice with sticks, mimicking their movements, until her father saw her talent and gave her a real sword. As soon as she was old enough, she wore a visor to cover her face and entered the tournaments, eager to prove herself. Her first thrashing only taught her humility and heightened her desire to learn. The third year of fighting in the tournaments, she finally won the melee and had her hand raised before the whole kingdom. King Alexander Cornelius V, upon removing her visor and finding a woman, was impressed with her courage along with her skill and offered her a position as a royal guard.

Over the next two decades, Ventrax proved her loyalty by protecting the king from would-be assassins and traitors. She was granted a small portion of rocky land upon retiring, and left the royal guard in honor. After only a month in her new holdings, Ventrax discovered silver in the mountains nearby. She led a group of miners into the mountains herself, traversing the dangerous terrain and fighting off roaming bands of orcs. After the mountains were safe, she developed a large mining operation, hauling out tons of silver ore. They forged the silver into weapons and armor that soon became extraordinarily valuable in the Auspex War. The wasteland monsters from the north seemed to be completely invulnerable to the Darym army’s steel weaponry, but fell like autumn wheat to the superior silver blades. After the war, Ventrax’s kingdom had become wealthy and powerful. 

Ventrax mourned over the King’s death, but would not allow herself to tarry. She has seen the other potential successors and judged them all unworthy. Each of them is corrupt with dark ambitions, and Ventrax considers it her duty to once again protect the throne, even if that means taking it for herself.