Lady Aryu Maxwell is the daughter of the mercenary captain that has carved out a small kingdom after the Auspex Wars.  And has proven even more capable at leading.

Bricilia Rageshadow- Elven ambassador that holds sway over the Fey kingdom.  She feels the humans have had a little to much sway in Fey affairs and its time to turn that around.

High Lord Esteban - The ex adventuer has been the ruler of Castille the envy of the West Coast for a very long time.  Esteban is said to always have an angle an a way out frequently bankrolling adventurers in Dayrm.  

Lord Aaron Thraxon- Aaron is leader of the bandit kingdoms of the south eastern swamp region.  Known for the harsh policies of trails by combat and might makes right philosophy.

Matron Tarkusian- leads a family of nobles more known for their diplomacy then sword skills.  However, their fantastic library is greatest in the known world.

War maiden Baelyn- current ruler of the oldest families in the realm, the Pendletons. Recently took back over the city Myrcela from the Church of Everyn.