Bricilia Rageshadow- Elven ambassador that holds sway over the Fey kingdom.  She feels the humans have had a little to much sway in Fey affairs and its time to turn that around.

High Lord Esteban - The ex adventuer has been the ruler of Castille the envy of the West Coast for a very long time.  Esteban is said to always have an angle an a way out frequently bankrolling adventurers in Dayrm.  

War maiden Baelyn- current ruler of the oldest families in the realm, the Pendletons. Recently took back over the city Myrcela from the Church of Everyn.

Matron Tarkusian- leads a family of nobles more known for their diplomacy then sword skills.  However, their fantastic library is greatest in the known world.

Lord Aaron Thraxon- Aaron is leader of the bandit kingdoms of the south eastern swamp region.  Known for the harsh policies of trails by combat and might makes right philosophy.

Lady Aryu Maxwell is the daughter of the mercenary captain that has carved out a small kingdom after the Auspex Wars.  And has proven even more capable at leading.